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''Ey up''

Thanks for checking out our page and choosing Garden Spaces. My name is Rob and I started this company in 2022. It has been an ambition of mine to work for myself for many years and now I have finally put my plan in to action.  Your support is very much appreciated.

All About Me...

I have been interested in plants and gardening for as long as I can remember. I spent countless hours in my nanan and grandads garden as a kid and following my grandad round as he would potter round his veg patches and greenhouse. As I got older my passion grew and I took on a garden of my own which has been an ongoing process for many years, but it is finally starting to become the vision I had in my head.

Professionally I have worked for several companies doing landscaping and building, but my passion for gardening and lawncare took off when I began working for one of the UK's largest lawncare companies. This not only gave me the opportunity to visit some beautiful gardens and speak to some insightful clients, but to appreciate the effort and care people have for their lawns and borders. Interacting with customers of all generations gave me insight to what clients expect from a gardener and the trust they put in you to take care of their outdoor living space. 

After going back to college in 2021 I decided I  needed a change of career and something that worked for me. So I took a risk and and set up Garden Spaces. 





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